Who can use Wybra?
Everybody who wants to meet up for activities, interests and knowledge. However, it helps if you are open towards meeting new people, as we are all able to contact each other on the site :)

How much information do I need to fill in on my profile?
There is some standard information you need to fill in but it is recommended that you to take some time selecting and commenting on the activities and interests you want to meet up for. Please also add a personal description so people can learn a bit about who you are before contacting you.

Are there any requirements to my profile pictures?
Yes, Wybra is about meeting up in the real world and therefore it is important that your pictures are reliable and that people actually can see your face :) We suggest that you choose more than one profile picture – you can add up to five pictures.

How is my private information handled?
We will treat your private information with respect and will not sell it to any third party – see our ”terms of use” for more details.

Are there any ads on Wybra?
Not at the moment (Sept. 2012), but if we decide to open up for ads we will try to adapt them to your chosen activities and interests.

I noticed some errors on the website, what do I do?
E-mail Martin at martin@wybra.com and he will try to help you as soon as possible!

How do I terminate my profile?
E-mail Martin at martin@wybra.com with the heading “terminate my profile”. Then your profile will be terminated within 24 hours. Your mail-address connected to Wybra occurs under ”settings”.